About The Tickle Pickle

Designed by kids, made by adults and full of daily kid friendly one-liner jokes, ‘The Tickle Pickle’ is a fun way to connect with kids. Did you know laughter not only boosts mental engagement but also enhances a child's cognitive abilities? It is also a fantastic way to set your kids mindset before school to happiness, openness and curiosity.

We designed our content to be family-friendly and appropriate for children aged 2-10. Our content is carefully curated to ensure it's suitable, engaging, and educational for kids within this age range. However, we believe humor knows no age, so even older kids and adults might find a chuckle or two!

Carpool Chuckle Contest Podcast

We have put together something great, at least we think so, for both kids and parents. First is our podcast, Carpool Chuckle Contest. Each day brings a new theme that has a series of jokes and a riddle. They are short 3ish-minute episodes to do in the car on the way to school. We have listeners all over the world!

Here is a trailer of the show to get you started. You can find it anywhere you get a podcast but here is a shortcut for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube.

Each page on the website also has that episode’s podcast in the page. You can also find an all-episode player on our podcast page.

Daily Giggle Newsletter

We also have a free newsletter called Daily Giggle. Each day we publish the free content on the website’s episode pages and deliver it to our wonderful community. This is for the parents.

Sample Fun Fact

Did you know that paella was traditionally cooked by men, and it’s often prepared outdoors and enjoyed communally? Tomorrow, we get skewered with laughter on Something on a Stick Day!

Our newsletter stands out due to its unique blend of humor, education, and engaging content. We craft a new newsletter each day related to a theme ensuring it's age-appropriate, engaging, and informative. It includes a ‘Fun Fact’ about the theme that you can share with your kids before or after the episode. It also contains more information about the theme like history, key people, geography and more. This gives you an easy way to talk to your children every day about a new topic. Premium subscribers get a new coloring page each day!

Why Did You Make This?

It all started with our daughter Charlotte’s joke book. She created a tongue twister book at the age of 5 she named ‘The Tickle Pickle’. Over the years it grew to dozen of pages of jokes and any funny thing she could remember to write down.

Then one day I used Siri to tell a joke to our kids in the car. They thought it was the best! Eventually this turned into a daily ritual of listening to a few jokes on the way to school.

Finally one rainy day early in 2024 the kids asked if we could turn our daily jokes into a podcast. So, we built the Tickle Pickle, more on that below, that is much more than just jokes. It is a podcast, newsletter and coloring pages with more to come including a printed joke book, daily calendar, animations and other fun projects.

Who Is Behind The Tickle Pickle?

Tom Frazier and his two kids aged 6 and 9. Tom has been living his ideal career ‘Building innovation for the digital economy’. He has deep expertise in technology since mid-90s including data centers, multiple AI projects, sits on the board of tech companies and even has a software patent on scaling cloud services.

Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in The Tickle Pickle. We hope you like the podcast and subscribe to the newsletter for a daily dose of fun! Feel free to reach out to us via email at h e l l o @ t h e t i c k l e p i c k l e . c o m.