Daily Giggle Newsletter

We offer a free newsletter for parents called Daily Giggle to give you a daily dose of giggles with fresh and funny kid jokes and dad jokes! Our newsletter stands out due to its unique blend of humor, education, and engaging content.

Each day includes:

  • A relevant theme ensuring it's age-appropriate, engaging, and informative.

  • A ‘Fun Fact’ about the theme that you can share with your kids before or after the episode.

  • Information about the theme like history, key people, geography and more.

Our newsletter format gives you an easy way to talk to your children every day about a new topic.

Premium Subscription Option

Upgrading to a paid subscription unlocks a treasure trove of extra goodies! You'll get access to exclusive coloring pages related to:

  • our daily themes

  • additional content beyond what's available in the free version

  • special features designed to enhance your experience

  • submit your kid’s jokes for us to feature on the podcast

  • submit your kid’s artwork for us to feature in the newsletter and website

Whenever you need that instant, fresh activity for your little one just print the coloring page while listening to the podcast and watch them light up.

Amazing Daily Coloring Pages

Click the button below to download this free sample coloring page in PDF. You’ll get one like this every day as a Premium Subscriber. Just print and start coloring!