Bear Hugs and Giggles: Teddy Bear Picnic Day - July 10, 2024


From the sweet simplicity of sugar cookies, today we embrace the cuddly comfort of Teddy Bear Picnic Day. Let’s share stories and smiles with our furry friends!


Today’s Podcast Episode

Don’t miss today’s episode of the Carpool Chuckle Contest, packed with bear-y funny jokes perfect for a picnic. Get ready to snuggle up with laughter!

Celebrating the childhood joy and comfort of teddy bears.

- 1st Joke: What do you call a picnic with lots of teddy bears?

- 2nd Joke: What do you call a teddy bear reunion?

- 3rd Joke: Why do teddy bears make everyone happy?

- 4th Joke: Why did the teddy bears bring blankets?

- 5th Joke: Why do teddy bears love hanging out together?

- Today's Riddle: I’m soft, cuddly, and always there to comfort you. What am I?

Fun Fact of the Day

Did you know that the teddy bear was named after President Theodore Roosevelt? Tomorrow, contemplate our impact on World Population Day!


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