Stellar Smiles: Meteor Watch Day - June 30, 2024


From capturing moments on Camera Day, we’re now gazing skyward for Meteor Watch Day. Let’s explore the wonders of the cosmos and share some out-of-this-world laughs!


Today’s Podcast Episode

Tune into today’s Carpool Chuckle Contest where the jokes are as bright as shooting stars. Don’t miss these meteoric punchlines!

Promoting interest in astronomy and watching the night sky.

- 1st Joke: What do you call a star that speeds by?

- 2nd Joke: Why did the meteor enroll in class?

- 3rd Joke: Why did the meteor want to be an astronaut?

- 4th Joke: Why did the meteor enter the competition?

- 5th Joke: Why did the meteor stay up all night?

- Today's Riddle: I streak across the night sky in flight, making wishes with my light. What am I?

Fun Fact of the Day

Did you know that the Earth is hit by about 100 tons of meteoritic material every day? Tomorrow, we dive into laughter with International Joke Day!


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