Balance the Books: Workaholics Day - July 5, 2024


From fireworks on Independence Day, today we turn down the tempo to address work-life balance on Workaholics Day. Let’s chuckle our way to a healthier work mindset!


Today’s Podcast Episode

Join us in today’s Carpool Chuckle Contest where we’re easing off the gas with jokes that encourage taking a break. Tune in for some well-timed humor!

Addressing the importance of work-life balance.

- 1st Joke: Why did the pen take a coffee break?

- 2nd Joke: Why did the calendar book a trip?

- 3rd Joke: Why did the stapler feel tired?

- 4th Joke: Why did the computer take a nap?

- 5th Joke: Why did the phone unplug for a day?

- Today's Riddle: I help you rest and dream away, so you're ready for a brand new day. What am I?

Fun Fact of the Day

Did you know that taking regular breaks can actually increase productivity? Tomorrow, pucker up for International Kissing Day!


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