Jokes Around the Globe: International Joke Day - July 1, 2024


From the sparkling trails of meteors, we land on International Joke Day, where humor knows no boundaries. Today, let’s circle the globe with jokes that unite us in laughter.


Today’s Podcast Episode

Ready for a laugh riot? Tune into today’s Carpool Chuckle Contest, filled with jokes from all corners of the earth. Get ready to giggle globally!

Celebrating humor and sharing jokes to spread laughter.

- 1st Joke: What do all jokes have in common?

- 2nd Joke: Why do comedians love fruit?

- 3rd Joke: Why did the joke book burst open?

- 4th Joke: Why did the chair start telling jokes?

- 5th Joke: Why did the egg tell a joke?

- Today's Riddle: I am the sound you make when you're amused, spreading joy and laughter all around. What am I?

Fun Fact of the Day

Did you know that laughter has been shown to reduce stress, increase immune function, and even improve arterial health? Tomorrow, we continue the laughter with World UFO Day!


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