July '24 Jokes


Daily Kid Jokes for July

Hey kids! Are you ready for a month full of laughter and fun? June Jokes are behind us and July is here to kick off new hilarious jokes, riddles and fun content.

Every day get ready to giggle and chuckle as we explore a bunch of funny themes that will keep you entertained every day on your way to school!

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Upcoming Kid Joke Episodes for July

  • Jokes Around the Globe: International Joke Day - July 1

  • Laugh along with us on International Joke Day and share the joy worldwide! Celebrating humor and sharing jokes to spread laughter.

  • Stellar Smiles: World UFO Day - July 2

  • Get ready for an out-of-this-world chuckle on World UFO Day! Exploring the mysteries and stories associated with UFOs.

  • Stay Shaded: Stay Out of the Sun Day - July 3

  • Shield yourself with laughs on Stay Out of the Sun Day! Promoting sun safety and the importance of skin protection.

  • Patriotic Punchlines: Independence Day (USA) - July 4

  • Celebrate with fireworks of laughter this Independence Day! Celebrating American independence and patriotism.

  • Balance the Books: Workaholics Day - July 5

  • Take a break with us on Workaholics Day for a laughter-filled pause! Addressing the importance of work-life balance.

  • Sealed with a Smile: International Kissing Day - July 6

  • Smooch into some fun on International Kissing Day with jokes that are sure to make you pucker with laughter! Celebrating the act of kissing and its role in cultures worldwide.

  • Chocolatey Chortles: World Chocolate Day - July 7

  • Dive into decadence with deliciously funny jokes on World Chocolate Day! Appreciating chocolate and learning about its history and production.

  • Game On: National Video Game Day - July 8

  • Level up with laughter on National Video Game Day! Encouraging exploration of video games and gaming culture.

  • Sweet Simplicity: Sugar Cookie Day - July 9

  • Enjoy a batch of warm, sugary jokes on Sugar Cookie Day! Enjoying and learning the simple joy of making sugar cookies.

  • Bear Hugs and Giggles: Teddy Bear Picnic Day - July 10

  • Join us for a plush and playful Teddy Bear Picnic Day! Celebrating the childhood joy and comfort of teddy bears.

  • Global Giggles: World Population Day - July 11

  • Dive into some world-sized wit on World Population Day! Discussing global population issues and sustainability.

  • Simply Funny: Simplicity Day - July 12

  • Enjoy the lighter side of life with chuckles on Simplicity Day! Encouraging a simpler lifestyle and appreciation for the basics.

  • Geek Out: Embrace Your Geekness Day - July 13

  • Celebrate your inner geek with us on Embrace Your Geekness Day! Celebrating geek culture and all forms of enthusiasm and expertise.

  • Freedom and Fun: Bastille Day - July 14

  • Celebrate freedom with a burst of laughter on Bastille Day! Learning about French history and the significance of Bastille Day.

  • Generosity Laughs: Give Something Away Day - July 15

  • Let's spread the joy of giving with some heartwarming humor on Give Something Away Day! Promoting generosity and the positive impact of giving.

  • Slithering Smiles: World Snake Day - July 16

  • Get ready to hiss with laughter on World Snake Day! Educating about snakes and their importance in ecosystems.

  • Emoji Expressions: World Emoji Day - July 17

  • 🎉 Dive into digital delight with laughter on World Emoji Day! 🎭 Exploring the use and fun of emojis in digital communication.

  • Leadership Laughs: Nelson Mandela International Day - July 18

  • Reflect on leadership and laughter with us on Nelson Mandela International Day. Honoring the legacy and teachings of Nelson Mandela.

  • Cool Treats: National Ice Cream Day - July 19

  • Scoop up some fun with frosty jokes on National Ice Cream Day! Celebrating the beloved treat and exploring its varieties.

  • Lunar Laughter: Moon Day - July 20

  • Ready to orbit into humor with Moon Day? Let’s make some space for laughs! Commemorating the first human moon landing and space exploration.

  • Junk Food Jamboree: Junk Food Day - July 21

  • Indulge in some guilty pleasures with fun and fluff on Junk Food Day! Discussing the impact of junk food and promoting healthier choices.

  • Hang Loose: Hammock Day - July 22

  • Swing into relaxation and laughter with Hammock Day! Chill vibes and chuckles ahead! Encouraging relaxation and enjoyment of summer leisure.

  • Grand Giggles: Gorgeous Grandma Day - July 23

  • Celebrate the wisdom and warmth of grandmothers on Gorgeous Grandma Day with heartfelt humor! Celebrating grandmothers and their contributions to families.

  • Cousin Capers: Cousins Day - July 24

  • Celebrate the fun and bonds of family on Cousins Day with some relative humor! Honoring the bond between cousins and family connections.

  • Merry-Go-Round Mirth: Carousel Day - July 25

  • Spin into a day of nostalgia and laughs with Carousel Day! Join us for some circular comedy! Learning about the history and charm of carousels.

  • Dare to Laugh: All or Nothing Day - July 26

  • Take a chance on laughter with All or Nothing Day! Encouraging bold actions and the pursuit of dreams.

  • Walk and Giggle: Take Your Pants for a Walk Day - July 27

  • Stretch your legs and your smile on Take Your Pants for a Walk Day! Promoting physical activity and fun in everyday routines.

  • Green Grins: World Nature Conservation Day - July 28

  • Let’s laugh while we learn on World Nature Conservation Day! Raising awareness about conserving natural resources and habitats.

  • Rainy Day Revelry: Rain Day - July 29

  • Let’s splash into some laughter on Rain Day! Appreciating the importance and beauty of rain in the natural cycle.

  • Friendship Funnies: International Day of Friendship - July 30

  • Celebrate bonds and chuckles on International Day of Friendship! Celebrating the importance and values of friendship.

  • Mutt Merriment: Mutt Day - July 31

  • Wagging tails and hearty laughs await on Mutt Day! Promoting the adoption and appreciation of mixed-breed dogs.


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World Wildlife Day!


Laughter Preview for Next Month

  • Breathe Easy: World Lung Cancer Day - August 1, 2024
  • Chill Out: Ice Cream Sandwich Day - August 2, 2024
  • Juicy Laughs: Watermelon Day - August 3, 2024
  • Navigating Laughter: Celebrating Coast Guard Day - August 4, 2024
  • Paws to the Grindstone: Celebrating Work Like a Dog Day - August 5, 2024
  • Toe-tally Fun: Celebrating Wiggle Your Toes Day - August 6, 2024
  • Shining Bright: Celebrating Lighthouse Day - August 7, 2024
  • Purr-fectly Pawsome: Celebrating International Cat Day - August 8, 2024
  • Dive Into a Good Book: Celebrating Book Lovers Day - August 9, 2024
  • Sweet Treats: Celebrating S'mores Day - August 10, 2024
  • Digging Fun: Celebrating Play in the Sand Day - August 11, 2024
  • Youthful Energy: Celebrating International Youth Day - August 12, 2024
  • Lefty Laughs: Celebrating Left-Handers Day - August 13, 2024
  • Slithering Fun: Celebrating World Lizard Day - August 14, 2024
  • Chill Out: Celebrating Relaxation Day - August 15, 2024
  • Get Jokey: Celebrating Tell a Joke Day - August 16, 2024
  • Paws and Purrs: Celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day - August 17, 2024
  • Rhymes and Reasons: Celebrating Bad Poetry Day - August 18, 2024
  • Snap Happy: Celebrating World Photography Day - August 19, 2024
  • Squeeze the Day: Celebrating Lemonade Day - August 20, 2024
  • Celebrating Wisdom: Senior Citizens Day - August 21, 2024
  • Purrfect Health: Take Your Cat to the Vet Day - August 22, 2024
  • Breezy Fun: Celebrating Ride the Wind Day - August 23, 2024
  • Tune In: Celebrating International Strange Music Day - August 24, 2024
  • Sweet Treats: Celebrating Banana Split Day - August 25, 2024
  • Pawsome Fun: Celebrating Dog Day - August 26, 2024
  • Just for Fun: Celebrating Just Because Day - August 27, 2024
  • Bow-tiful Style: Celebrating Bow Tie Day - August 28, 2024
  • Zesty Fun: Celebrating Lemon Juice Day - August 29, 2024
  • Toasty Fun: Celebrating Space Explorers Day - August 30, 2024
  • Picnic Fun: Celebrating Eat Outside Day - August 31, 2024


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